Burnout Therapy On Balboa Island


We are suffering burnout. This next sentence was going to include the reasons why. It doesn’t matter. We’re burned out and we needed a break. Yesterday, Helaine, Stef, Roxie and Doppler hopped in the car and headed to Balboa Island. It’s around a half hour away.

If you’re a fan of Arrested Development, Balboa Island is the site of the famed frozen banana stand. For the rest of us, Balboa Island (really three islands) is a touristy neighborhood that’s part of Newport Beach.

The main drag, Marine Avenue, is full of kitschy little shops and places to buy “Balboa Bars,” ice cream on a stick, dipped in melted chocolate then covered with sprinkles or some other topping. The island is fairly flat. The beaches are tiny. There are docks and boats moored everywhere there’s water!

The homes that sit on narrow streets and ring the shoreline are priced in the “if you have to ask” range. There are many impeccably kept older homes and a bunch of teardown rebuilds all on tiny lots.

BI is attached to the mainland by a bridge. It’s also connected to Balboa Peninsula by three tiny ferries, each carrying three cars at a time for $2 apiece and foot traffic for $1. Yesterday, all three were continually in motion.

The peninsula has more stores, restaurants, a ferris wheel and a few rides and boat rentals. You can also go whale watching or catch the ‘Flyer’ to Catalina.

We took a round trip on the ferry and walked around on both sides. It was an afternoon well killed!

Roxie and Doppler slept soundly in the car on our way back.

2 thoughts on “Burnout Therapy On Balboa Island”

  1. dude, port jeff ferry charges @ least $60 per car one way. $2 is so cheap. SO WTF. port jeff carries many more cars per trip. this one only carries 3 and only charges $2. like i said WTF!!!!!!!!!!. please investigate and find out why.
    PS. luv ya man. been wathchin ya for almost 30 yrs.
    PSS. the wthh thing was BS. and the hartford thing was also BS. wish ya the best out on the OTHER side.

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