We Now Have TV

It was a mutual decision. This afternoon Helaine and I came to the conclusion the loft needs a larger TV than the one coming from Connecticut.

All the pent up spending urges we’ve been kept in check for thirty years are coming out. At this point, what’s a TV?

As it turns out, prices continue to plunge. I got a 50″ screen which, judging by what’s being shown at the store, isn’t that big anymore. It will be wall mounted like a trophy I bagged on safari.

TVs are getting lighter. Helaine wanted to help, but it was well within my meager limits.

I plugged it into both wall and U-verse box, then turned everything on. Victory!

The U-verse box defaults to 720 video. This TV does 1080. That means U-verse is shipping these boxes set to a mode which doesn’t bring the best picture! It does save them bandwidth on this IPTV system… though not at my house.

There are lots of channels. Right now my eyes are glazing over.

Vin Scully is on-the-air tonight. He’s calling the Dodger’s game. He works alone in the booth at 85. Still sharp. Still in the game. That same vocal cadence, still there.

It’s weird to be on PDT. America revolves around Eastern Time. However, Phils games start at 4:05p out here and we’ll see the first NFL game at 10:00a.

An area rug for the family room arrived today. It was moved a few times before we agreed on placement. Very nice. Still a little sterile without our art and photos and stuff. We need more color and contrast.

The mattress for the master bedroom arrives Saturday morning.

“Sometime between eight and eleven,” the guy on the phone said. He paused before continuing. “But it will be closer to eight. You’re my first stop.”

We move out of the second bedroom tomorrow night.

Our home furnishings crossed the Rockies today. They should be at our house first thing Sunday morning.

The house becomes more-and-more ours every day.

Our plan was to swoop in and do everything at once. We didn’t want to recreate our house in Connecticut. This place was planned to be smaller, but still warm, comfortable and functional.

So far it’s working.

5 thoughts on “We Now Have TV”

  1. I’m still adjusting to you being in CA instead of CT. Still miss seeing you on TV. Glad things are going well. Kinda exciting I imagine. Wondering about what different birds you might be noticing?

  2. Is it a Smart tv Geoff??? We purchased one and just love it. Nothing like having
    Amazon prime, Hulu , Netflix and the intrent at your fingertips….or remote.

  3. It is so nice to keep hearing from you through this blog. I absolutely got a great chuckle out of paragraph three. Being on safari at an electronics store must have been pretty scary!

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