I don’t think it’s possible to explain how much trash we’ve produced since closing in Irvine. Can it breed? Wednesday is trash day and my oversized garbage and recycled bins are full.

Earlier today I cajoled an invitation to the construction dumpster used for some nearby homes nearing completion. Like peeing in the ocean. It hardly made a dent.

There’s was even a Bonnie and Clyde trash adventure with Stef a few days ago. Don’t ask. We’re not talking.

My walk and front steps are filled with broken down boxes, discarded household items and bags of trash. I will attempt to convince the trashman to take this uncanned al fresco trash. If not, I’m not sure what to do?

We didn’t move as much cardboard and bubble wrap from Connecticut as we moved belongings. It only feels that way!

4 thoughts on “Trash!”

  1. Geoff, try FREE CYCLE in your area — people LOVE to pick up moving boxes and packing materials for free… just google FreeCycle for your area… and you’ll find homes for all your unwanted. The thought behind it is that it keeps things out of the landfills that still have usage left. Moving boxes here in CT are snagged almost immediately! They’ll email you back and you leave the stuff outside somewhere convenient for pick-up.

  2. Doesn’t your trash truck have an arm that picks up your trash can on it’s own? Everywhere I’ve lived in CA has automatic pickups not men throwing bags in trucks. So unless you stand out there with him re-filling your container it doesn’t seem possible. And my guess is he wouldn’t even get out of the truck to talk to you. And you pay by how big/how many cans you have so it’s probably against the rules for him to let you refill it. Make friends with a neighbor. And, yes, Freecycle.

  3. This post was garbage. hahaha

    We have what Jennifer describes. My son used to call it the robot-monster. It kind of looks like one and moves like one.

  4. Put the boxes and misc on Craigs list for free. You might even be able to put a free ad in the local paper. Somebody wants those boxes, and probably your left over kitchen goodies, too.

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