The Irvine Way


There are many ways this area of Orange County is different from Connecticut. One is the way business are clustered together. There are few standalones stores.

It shouldn’t have surprised me when I took Helaine’s car for an oil change the jiffylube shared a parking lot with a few other auto specialty stores. There’s a body shop, place to get your windows tinted, Mercedes and BMW repair shop and a few others.

It makes sense to have them all together, right?

2 thoughts on “The Irvine Way”

  1. CA Jiffy Lubes were cited in an undercover investigation for charging customers for work never done and talking people into having repairs done that weren’t needed and in turn were never done either.I’d avoid them at all costs.
    Check your local AAA listings for one of their ‘approved’ repair shops.

  2. The more modern or contemporary commercial zoning laws in SoCal seem to make more sense than the antiquated ones which date back to our colonial roots, and still govern much of the development in New England to this day. So yes, it makes more sense to have similar businesses clustered together as they do there. Makes it easier for the average consumer to patronize similar services that are not spread so far apart. I think it’s a progressive idea.

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