What I Learned About Craps


I don’t play craps. I tried it many years ago and found the game too volatile and costly.  It is the game in a casino most likely to produce screaming. People get involved.

Because craps is labor intensive, it is tougher to open or close tables. It is not uncommon to see fully staffed craps tables with no one playing.

I passed one this afternoon and stopped to look.  There is a bank full of chips in the center of the back wall.

“How many,” I asked the pit boss.

He turned around, reached down and pulled out the ledger.

“Two point three,” he replied .

It’s not cash, but chips are almost as good.  Somewhere there’s $2.3 million dollars set aside to cover what’s on that table.

5 thoughts on “What I Learned About Craps”

  1. I have played craps in the past. Someone taught me the game, and then I tried it out at the casino. I agree with you, the game is VERY volatile. It can also be VERY vocal!!! I played at a small limit (5$) and had fun. There was one time I was at Atlantic City and got on a table that had a hot streak. For over an hour and a half this guy throwing the dice could do NO wrong. Won BIG bucks that day cause I kept increasing my bets with every win. After that I figured a streak like that would NEVER happen to me again, so I never played again!

  2. My husband use to play years ago,before we married. He played usually once a month and he would come home either completely broke or when he won it was always BIG and he would just throw the money up bin the air and I would grab a bunch and off to do some shopping !!! He won more times than he lost.

  3. Yes, I was shocked to see that a dice game, properly played, offers the casino “guest” the best odds at the casino, right up there with perfect strategy blackjack and French (single zero) roulette. Of those three, probably play what you enjoy and don’t worry about te small difference in the house odds. The key in craps is not to get suckered into the wild bets. Downside to single zero roulette is the min bet/bankroll.

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