It’s In The Bag(ster)


My horizons have broadened over the last few months. We’ve done lots of things you do once a generation, or once in a lifetime. Buying, selling, packing, moving. Oh yeah. Does anyone like doing any of those?

By far the most difficult part of our relocation to the West Coast has been throwing crap out! Twice we rented big dumpsters. Twice we filled them to the brim. Yet the biggest part of unpacking was (once again) throwing crap out.

It breeds, right? Crap procreates!

The first few weeks were sort of funny. As the trash or recycling truck came by I’d drag out more trash bags or cardboard boxes. You have no idea how much cardboard we moved.

When possible we tried to sell, give away or repurpose the stuff we didn’t need. Unfortunately, at some point you’ve just got to throw.

We didn’t have enough discards for a dumpster here, but we did get a “Bagster.” You ‘buy’ a Bagster, then pay to have it picked up and disposed of.

‘Buy’ has single quotes around it because you don’t get the Bagster back once it’s emptied. I assume it’s cleaned up and someone else gets to ‘buy’ it.

The Bagster sat full at the edge of our garage waiting a few days for its pickup. I could tell a few items were looked at by people in the neighborhood. Trash is fair game.

One of our neighbors, or more likely a workman, added a little something extra to our load. He was probably going by the adage “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

We called Waste Management to come and get it. At Stef’s insistence I took video&#185.

Getting rid of junk has never been more photogenic.

&#185 – This blog entry was actually requested by both Helaine and Stef!

9 thoughts on “It’s In The Bag(ster)”

  1. Geoff, we have the bull bag here. Same thing. Just so you know, if any of those plastic tip things break, you can get them at Home Depot or Lowes. Much cheaper than paying the company you bought it from for a replacement. That also goes for the plastic pipe things that hold it all together. (those plastic corners have a tendency to crack after a while. To clean the bag, just use a hose on it and then let it dry.

  2. I’m surprised they don’t actually dump the bag out into the truck. Seems like that would be a pain to dig through later to get it… or maybe they just don’t care and roll the cost into the service.

  3. To think we paid good money for all the trash we collect over the years. wish we could somehow get something back on it. Seems a shame to toss good merchandise out but, then we gain room for more stuff.

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