Oh Yeah. Then Call The Cops. Go Ahead.

blue shirt at best buyI stopped by Best Buy in Tustin tonight. There was an item to pick up. I ordered it online and had it sent to the store.

Some of you with good memory might be surprised to hear I entered Best Buy. After all, I was once spotted in the West Haven, CT store yelling, “Oh yeah. Then call the cops. Go ahead.”

For years Stef and I tried to promote the rumor my picture was posted at all Best Buy locations inside a circle with a diagonal line through it! Knowing my Best Buy history it’s believable.

I walked in tonight and was surprised to see a line at the service desk. Thursday night at 8:00 PM shouldn’t be BB’s rush hour.

As it turns out the computer system for checking orders was down. My online transaction had to be completed on paper. Remember paper?

Oh the humanity.

The numbers my blue shirted enabler wrote were so long they were obviously never meant to be handwritten. It was a fully unplanned rarity!

I relished this little moment of schadenfreude. I wonder if they considered calling the Geek Squad for help?

9 thoughts on “Oh Yeah. Then Call The Cops. Go Ahead.”

  1. Geoff, you have probably already found this, but just in case, here is an online place that I deal with all the time, and the place I work now does the dame – monoprice.com. Not advertising for them, don’t work for them, I am just, as my grandmother termed it, “thrifty.” Check out, for example, the price on HDMI cables compared to the big boxes – and the quality is same or better.

    Rainy day here in CT.


  2. Geoff, really enjoy your blog!! When in Tustin you should check out the Marconi Auto Museum. We will probably check it out in January on our annual trek to Pomona for the Grand National Roadster show. I would like to live in Ca. someday…Hubby does not 🙁 Crappy weather here today… Have a great day!

  3. Couple of weeks ago our computers at work crashed big time. Everyone had to write rental contracts by hand. Since I don’t do any of that I was able watch everyone getting writers cramp filling out everything with a pen and trying to make it go through 4 self-carboning forms.
    At the end of tyhe day everyone was bitching but I reminded them ‘This is how it USED to be done in the days BC (before computers).

  4. Wow. Best Buy, huh? That’s usually something that only happens as a warning that the company’s about to go under.

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