A Trip To The Farmers’ Market

Since we’ve been in SoCal (and probably a little before) we’ve heard about the Farmers’ Market held Sundays at the Orange County Great Park. The Great Park sits on what used to be El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

It’s 1,400 acres, bigger than Central Park!

We were excited when we headed out this morning. Among other things, we’d read how the Farmers’ Market is dog friendly… and it was… until last weekend.

The health department says pups and food don’t go together. A citation was issued. A ban is now in place. That’s sad, especially when you consider most of what’s for sale was grown in close proximity to animals.

We kept Doppler off to the side and, with my Irvine cousins, explored the market section two-at-a-time.

It was magical. Lots of fresh fruit and other farm products. Lots of cut pieces to try and taste.

It’s good to come hungry.

Helaine came home with a bag of produce. It all looks beautiful.

Here’s a little slideshow with some of what we saw.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Blogger’s addendum: This is one post where I could use an editor! Is it Farmers Market, Farmer’s Market or, Farmers’ Market? All three are represented on the web. I’m going with plural possessive, “Farmers'” but I can’t be sure.

7 thoughts on “A Trip To The Farmers’ Market”

  1. According to “Grammar Girl” “Farmer” is an adjective, describing the market, therefore; no apostrophe is used.

  2. I believe it’s “farmers”. I think I read this on the history of the farmers market at the grove, which was maybe the first? It’s worth a visit, but not really like the other socal markets (lots of things grow in CA but not bananas). My favorite is the Wednesday morning market in Santa Monica. Odd time for a consumer market, and it shows, you’ll be shopping with tourists and chefs from all over LA. Love it. That said we just visited the Coventry market (back to CT now) and we’re impressed. I miss having a market to visit every day of the week all year round within 10 miles of my house on the Westside.

  3. Geoff,
    The thing with the new ban on animals probably has more to do with the litter and those who don’t pick up after their animals. Litter draws flies—etc.
    The other consideration is those folks who just let their dogs roam or run free–there is the safety factor to consider and the liability. Unfortunately, not every pet owner is considerate–there always those who think, it’s public property–someone will clean up.
    There should be a plethora of markets out there, just not as huge as the one in Orange County. Do they still have the County Fairs out there–if so, you need to take 1 or 2 of those in. They put on these huge displays with fruits and veggies–making designs that hare phenomanal…Like the fellow in our local paper writes—Life is Not a Spectator Sport–get out and enjoy it.

  4. Fresh fruits and veggies are the best. That well be the best part of living in such a nice climate. On the east coast so much of what we get and are told is the best if from FL. Fl is a very harsh climate for fruits and veggies and like CT they don’t grow in summer, like we don’t in winter, way too hot !. Majority of FLs citrus becomes juice because the fruit although good, is not as pretty because of the heat. CA has the best oranges hands down. There is no better orange than a CA seedless navel orange. And that goes for many other things there as well. As much as I love meat, I would eat less of it if I was there !

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