There’s Something About Commenter Mary


Recently commenter Mary raised some eyebrows by objecting to posts about my dad’s hospitalization.  Funny thing is, Mary comments under a variety of names!  It’s easy to see.

The screenshot on the left shows the comments coming from Mary’s IP address. Lots of different names and email addresses. 

Mary probably doesn’t think I notice this.

I do.

23 thoughts on “There’s Something About Commenter Mary”

  1. Makes me wonder if Mary is the same as that troll James who always bitches about CT being part of NY. Hmmmmm. Geoff can you block it’s ip address?

    1. I can and have a very few times. I’d rather not. “Mary’s” other mean comments came on subjects that made some sense. This one was ridiculous.

      It’s more fun to expose.

  2. So you have someone that not only makes objections, but has to do it under the many assumed names and emails? So they had an opinion, but too frightened to really let you know where it came from? Coward!!!

  3. Why would someone do that? The old adage holds true… if you can’t say something nice then don’t say it at all.

    1. jerks like this are all over the web. They’re the same people who marked the Newtowen School massacre as ‘hilarious’ on news sites, and indeed mark any sort of tragic death ‘hilarious’.
      These ar ethe folks who say mean things all over the place to anyone on anything.
      In other words they’re sick.

  4. Wow I never thought someone would go to that length to criticize someone they didn’t agree with. Mary, Bob, James etal needs to get a life!

  5. Did you consider that more than one person reside at that address? Perhaps they all follow you.

    -Devils advocate

  6. GEOFF,Sorry to hear about your dad,i hope he gets well,soon. He needs YOUR strength, as well as others. As for this “IP IDIOT”,i’m NOT that computer savy, only on my second computer,still doing it, with mirrors. At 57, just turning it on, is an accomplishment. Glad your move went smoothly,GEOFF, I guess we ALL face crises(?) in our lives, that’s what makes us HUMAN. Hope your daughters schooling, is going OK! What,no more cute pics of Doppler?? For shame!! 🙂 Take care, my friend, my prayers are with you.

  7. If this posts, it was my iPhone that blocked my earlier post.

    As you might imagine, I like what you did here.

    Of course, I now must retract all of the posts I made under “Francine from Norwich.” Apologies.

  8. Geoff, I was saddened when I saw her comment….and felt bad for her that she even needed to say that. We will always have haters….but in a time of crisis…it is just unnecessary. I wiss your family nothing but peace and happiness. Keep us CT peeps in mind when you see a storm heading our way. I wish you all the courage and wisdom you need to help your parents through this. May God bless you!
    Kelly (a long time fan)

  9. I think Mary should remember what her parents taught her, “if you can’t say something nice, the don’t say anything”

  10. While I do agree that was totally out of line there is a matter of freedom of speech.of course,she should have been more sympathetic.everyone says things from time to time that we are sorry for later.

    1. Elyse, freedom of speech does not apply here. This would be like someone wanting to come into your house so they could yell at you. It is within my rights to censor your speech on my website for any good reason or even for no reason.

      1. Nobody has the right to anonymity, either. I post under my initials with the understanding that if Geoff wanted to publish my real email and IP address, that would be his right.

  11. Could it be that these folks are all using the public library’s computers? The librarian in my always thinks everyone uses the library as much as I do. Yes, there are some folks that still do not have computers in their homes and use the public libray’s as their sole source.

  12. with all the upside we get from the internet , it also brings out so much bad . i think the trolls are the worst . they are mean spirits people who get joy by inflicting hate and pain onto others and then hide behind a wall of anonymity while doing it . by far they are the worst of the worst .

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