The One Thing Missing From The Norfolk Southern Ad

If you’re like me you’ve been mesmerized by Norfolk Southern’s commercial set to the melody of Schoolhouse Rock, “Conjunction Junction.”. What made the original so memorable was the unmistakable voice of Jack Sheldon. If you’re old enough, you remember him as the wisecracking trumpet player from the Merv Griffin show.

But is it Jack on this commercial?  His own website hasn’t been updated in years.  He is alive, but at 81 he might not be singing anymore or have the range he once had.

And then I checked out the comments on YouTube.

Norfolk Southern Corp Jul 31, 2013
The singer is not the same as from the original “Conjunction Junction”

That’s from the official NS account, so it’s disappointing, but probably true.

It’s a great commercial and still an homage to a quirky horn player with a quirkier voice. Having it be Jack Sheldon would just be icing on the cake.

Here’s the ‘making of’ video with the ad at the end:

5 thoughts on “The One Thing Missing From The Norfolk Southern Ad”

  1. I love the song but the voice in the commercial is so synthesized. It’s a remarkably good imitation of Jack Sheldon’s vocal quality but its artificial sound makes it a little creepy to me. Sounds like Cher’s auto-tuned vocals.
    For those who aren’t aware:
    Jack Sheldon is a truly great, much beloved and respected jazz musician.

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