Is Melissa The St. Patrick Of Irvine?

Did St. Patrick banish snakes from Ireland? says no, but it’s still a pretty good story. So is the story of my cousin, Melissa Fox. Today she banished all snakes (at least the one we saw) from Orange County’s Great Park.

We were at the park for the regular Sunday Farmers Market. The vicious, poisonous, venomous, dog eating, gigantic snake&#185 was under our picnic table as we munched away.

Melissa reached down with her bare hands and sent the snake packing!

She is the bravest of the Fox family. Of that there is no doubt.

&#185 – Objects may appear larger (and meaner) in the blog.

6 thoughts on “Is Melissa The St. Patrick Of Irvine?”

  1. That was hardly even a snake. And Doppler is a terrier, no? She should’ve been all over that! My Cairn terier has (unfortunately) eradicated all snakes from my yard, luckily she also has taken care of the mice that the snakes devour.

  2. OMG….. She is VERY brave….Very VERY brave…That was a nice farmers market spoiled by a reptile. Glad Cousin Melissa was there to help! 😛

  3. No Video—-No comment. But I gather it was a small snake–since you stood aroung and took pictures! And yeah, my Cairn would have been tossing it about, too.

  4. 2nd comment—I will bet you don’t get the great fresh corn that we are presently getting here. It is super sweet and crisp this year.

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