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It is another hot and unseasonably humid day here in the Southland. John Wayne International Airport is reporting 92&#176 with a dew point of 67&#176. That’s uncomfortable by any definition.

With the Sun beaming down, it was even too hot for the convertible, as I discovered leaving the house with the top down! My mission, which would take me south to Lake Forest, was to dress Doppler.

We’re going to the coast this weekend. Doppler has nothing to wear! Stef and Roxie will join us on a trip to “Dog Beach.” It’s in Huntington Beach. Dogs are allowed to go leashless and frolic in the surf!

IMAG0509-w1200-h1200I made some calls this morning looking for a store that stocked sunscreen for pups. Petco, no. Petsmart, yes.

OK, before you poo poo this, please remember Doppler was groomed last week. Her freckled skin is partially visible as you look at her back. We don’t want a fried hot dog!

The sunscreen was far back in the store. I got the last can. It’s probably not a big mover.

IMAG0511-w1200-h1200Just to make doubly sure Doppler’s protected I also bought her a shirt. There was a really cute Tommy Bahama model in small (10-15 pounds). It was too small for Doppler, who checks in at nine pounds.

Dogs suffer the same poor sizing people do! She wears a small, honest.

IMAG0519-w1200-h1200It’s tough to buy clothes if you’re not there to try it on. See, dogs are like people.

I went back and brought Doppler. Unfortunately, no Tommy Bahama in medium. It’s a shame. She looked good.

There was an extra small which looked hamster size.

We ended up settling for the shirt you see on the left. It says “Expert Snuggler.”

She is.

7 thoughts on “Dressing Doppler”

  1. I have a pink shirt that says “Red Sox Girl” for my Snuggles (a maltese/shi tzu) and a blue one that says “UCONN Huskies” for my Sterling (a bichon frise/poodle). They both are great snugglers. Good to wear when the sun is beating down here in AZ.

  2. Hey Geoff — you have some great independent pet stores in SoCal. You know, the kind of place where people know your name and inventory decisions are made in your neighborhood and not thousands of miles away. Would love to see you supporting the locals and not the mass market chains.

    From the owner of an independent pet store on Connecticut!

  3. I tried getting a sweater for my 11 year old cat who likes to go for walks on a leash and doesn’t like the cold. Found a nice one (in the ‘dog’ department). It fit but she couldn’t stand it. I gave up. I made her a colorful blanket, kind of like a horse blanket, instead. hat worked better but she still didn’t like it. I gave up on that too and we just stopped walking in the winter.

  4. Love the bow!!! It’s smart to get her sunscreen and a shirt. Animals with white fur/hair tend to be very fair skinned and are more prone to sunburn than dark haired animals. Why risk a sunburn when there are ways to prevent it? Sunburn is not only uncomfortable, it can lead to skin cancer. And who needs that? You are wise to protect Doppler from sunburn. If you don’t, who will?

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