The WordPress Meet-Up


I drove to Huntington Beach tonight. There’s a monthly WordPress meetup for developers. It was a room full of people who know more than me.

WordPress is the software that runs this blog and all the sites I build. It’s used for millions of websites worldwide.

I just put together a simple WordPress site for the wrestling team at my Cousin Max’s high school. They had a site put together by a parent using online templates. It was tough to keep updated and it looked like it was done by a parent using online templates!

Someone put a lot of work into that old site. Sad. It’s probably sold as being easy-to-do.

There was a lot of talk at tonight’s meet-up about databases. I nodded attentively, but there was a lot over-my-head.

I need to be stronger there. It’s my Achilles heel. Unfortunately, it also provides the organization that makes modern sites possible.

I enjoy working on the ‘front end,’ putting together the parts website users see. I can get lost in my work while coding.

Web design is a creative pursuit. That’s the challenge.

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  1. Thanks I’ll do that. I have a passing interest. I programmed machines at BIC Pen years ago using an Allen Bradley PLC. I’m used to ladder logic.

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