Who Turned The Heat Off? Who? Who? Who?


We’re at Denver International.  Good grief, it’s cold! 

The Aviation Weather Center showed lots of turbulence on its prog maps.  They were right.  We rocked and rolled our way here.  Knowing the weather in advance isn’t always an advantage.


It snowed lightly early this morning at DIA.  Now it’s just grey and the ground crews are wearing hoods and gloves. Temps are in the upper 30s with a wind chill.

“Welcome to West Palm,” said Sully, standing in the jetway as we deplaned.  He was smiling, but it didn’t seem funny at the time.  I was too busy shivering.  Jetways aren’t heated.  Terminals aren’t much better.

Now we wait.  Our layover is around two hours.  Once we fly east we’ll lose two hours on the clock and gain (at this hour) 50° on the thermometer.

Newark seems more appealing all of a sudden.

3 thoughts on “Who Turned The Heat Off? Who? Who? Who?”

  1. I remember driving from Las Vegas to Reno. When we left Vegas it was well over 100 degrees. When we arrived in the Reno area, it was in the high 40’s. You don’t expect the dragged change in weather. Next summer, I’m thinking about taking a trip to Alaska. I’ll bring clothes for both summer & winter. The thing is, be prepared.

  2. Flew today too OKC to Orlando via Houston….hot all around….Orlando the coolest of the three …go figure….beat you back east…left @ 11:30 in MCO at 6:40 only 1 hour lost…had to give it back from the gain last week…Have a great time at the wedding….

  3. Just flew overhead KDEN at 38,000′ enroute to LAX…..the only way to see DEN when the weather is like that is from above!! KLGB is 90 degrees today and very low humidity. Have to love that Calif weather……

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