No Place Like Home


Stef and Roxie just arrived. Our little family is together in the OC for a few days.

Even if you didn’t know Stef was expected, you’d know something was up based on the state of the kitchen this afternoon. Every pot was out. The sink was full. The aroma of fresh food was everywhere.

Homemade soup tonight. Pasta with a homemade sauce too. This is the good life.

We brought homemade cookies to our neighbors yesterday. Today they reciprocated. No wonder people complain about Christmas weight gain.

I was skinny when Helaine and I first met. Consider me living proof of her expertise in the kitchen.

Last year was tumultuous for us, culminating in a 2600+ mile move. Things have started to calm down. Home cooking and baking are signs of stability.

3 thoughts on “No Place Like Home”

  1. Your new home looks lived in! Enjoy it. Have you decided on which movie to see on Christmas Day yet?? You probably have quite a variety of Chinese Restauraunts=—-start a new trend–go Vietnamese or Mexican.
    We women love to cook when company is coming—not that just the two of you isn’t special–but when there is more than that, it is special.

  2. Wishing you all a fabulous day tomorrow! Can I say Merry Christmas even though I know you’re Jewish? I am thrilled you’re celebrating with us! Enjoy the day!!

  3. Geoff, Happy Holidays (and Merry Christmas) to you and your Family from southern CT. I was gonna send you some snow from last weekend’s storm, but darn it all melted in the record warmth. Did you send us some southern Cal. heat? Anyway, I do miss your forecasts, don’t know what happened to WTNH (though they hired a “new” Goldstein), but it’s good to see Matt Scott back on a regular basis (Fox61). Happy New Year.

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