Nearing Six Months In SoCal

We’re coming up on six months in SoCal. This six months has gone much faster than the six that preceded it. Living with one foot out the door, unable to make long term commitments, knowing we were going, was difficult.

People say moving is stressful. It is. No one does this for fun. There are advantages living in one place an extended length of time. Reestablishing a routine is tough.

I had to go to Santa Ana this afternoon. About 20 minutes away.

It was someplace new, but landmarks looked familiar. Some, like the Orange County Register’s building, I’d only seen from the freeway. I hardly needed the GPS on the way back.

So many things to learn. Where are the light switches in the dark? Who’s got good pizza (not easy here)? We must find a dentist.

We have no wired telephone. Contemporaries ask about that, wondering if it’s a switch they should make. Probably.

Does AT&T have a cell plan where I could add a second number to my HTC One? That would be great. I don’t want to give up my 203 number.

Do I need 949?

Does anyone care anymore?

15 thoughts on “Nearing Six Months In SoCal”

  1. Geoff, answer this question, would you prefer to live in So CA or CT?

    So you took the Santa Ana Fwy to Santa Ana. If traffic bad, you it would be easy to make it in that length of time.

    You should give AT&T a call to obtain that information about an additional cell phone line.

  2. Geoff, we’ll always care and wonder about you here in CT!! You are a part of so many people’s history! Sitting around the dinner table growing up, Geoff Fox was always the weather guy on our TV! We miss you! Keep the 203 area code, its where you come from!!!

  3. Good pizza DOESN’T exist on the west coast as far as I can tell. Alaska was the worst..”hamburger, pizza chinese” joints. Where I live in AZ there is one decent place…as long as you order thin crust. Still doesn’t compare to CT pizza. Ever. I will say there is a great pizza place in Vegas on Fremont St at the Plaza..surprising I know. It’s called Pop Up Pizza; it’s take out with limited eat in tables; best pizza I’ve had in 10 years!

  4. Geoff,
    I live in Ct. And have a cell phone with a CT. Area code. If you want to keep your old number almost every company allows it. I know quite a few people doing the same. Some who live by coastal ,or work by coastal.
    Please make sure that you and your family know how much everyone back in CT misses and loves you!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Geoff you will always be missed in Connecticut. I love when you do a forecast from Calli and it’s more on target then what is forecasted right here in CT. Enjoy your life out there.

  6. I always look forward to your updates. And…always hope for a bit of a CT weather forecast. I feel lost without them during a storm. You are missed here in CT but it’s so great to be kept up to date on all of your happenings. One thing though…I need to see more pics of Miss Dopper 🙂

  7. Hi Geoff,
    I sent you some notes earlier in the fall. We are moving to SoCal with our Maltese also. We have bought a home in Rancho Mission Veijo. Further south of you, less money. Irvine has gotten out of control with pricing, the Asian cash has pumped it up! We are renting in Tustin Ranch until our home is finished in May. The OC is not new to us, we lived there 14 years ago. California is a life style, you can not just come for a visit, you need to live it. We are still in CT, I fly back next week. But not until my last fun snow storm, then we will have to get excited for the Pineapple Express to show up some time in CA!

    1. Tim, you are right, CT & CA are totally different in the way people live. I resided most of my life in CA until I met the love of my life online & moved to CT. I really miss SO CA. I have a cousin that lives in Mission Viejo. While living in Orange Co, I had places in Anaheim, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach & Laguna Beach, so I know my way around Orange County. I have spent a great of time in LA County. It is just difficult to get use to cold temperatures here.

  8. I don,t know what happened to you here in CT to get you so far away. I know you were the best on channel 8. Miss you. We don’t watch it any more.

  9. Geoff & Helaine,
    Yes, we CARE! I would think it important to get local phone, if only for contacting professionals out there. How many Dr’s, Dentist’s etc. are going to dial the area code 203. I too have friends out there, formerly of CT—they all have old fashioned land lines. I can see keeping the 203 phone for a while, but with all the stuff contained in a plan these days—why? It is not like they tally the number of out of state calls one makes.
    If folks didn’t care about the info you post, why are we all signed up on your blog.? And yes, I too, love it when you make a prediction and it comes closer than what we are getting on local TV.

  10. Sorry I didn’t finish. What I was about to say was after the next few days the weather here will be bitter cold and expecting a big snow storm.The weather guys will not commit just yet on snow totals.everyone will run to the grocery store.

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