We’re Going To The Tournament Of Roses Parade

rose parade

Every New Year’s Day Helaine would gaze at the tube and tell me how “one day” she’d like to see the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. Tomorrow she gets her wish. I ordered tickets and a parking pass and gave them to her on Christmas Day. It was a huge surprise and proof it is better to give than receive.

You actually don’t need tickets to see the parade. People are already lining Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena and the parade is 19 hours away! That process just seemed too iffy.

I read the instructions on the parking pass yesterday. Be parked by seven and be prepared to stay until the parade is done! The lot will be staged like long term storage with cars blocked in. My assumption is their 7:00 AM deadline is a little flexible, we’ll still be up very early.

The parade gets underway at 8:00 AM, but doesn’t pass our location until a little before 9:00. The line-of-march takes 2&#189 hours to complete.

On a good day we’re an hour from Pasadena. I have no idea how traffic will be. We plan on leaving the house around 5:30 AM. We’ll only be off the freeway and on Pasadena streets for a few blocks.

Doppler will come along hidden in a shoulder bag. Shhhh. Clicky’s coming too.

We’ve been to Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. That will be tough to beat. It was spectacular. The big difference will be the weather. It should be in the fifties when we arrive, but close to 70&#176 by the time we’re done, all under sunny skies.

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  1. Geoff, do your tickets entitle you to sit to watch the parade, or do you have to stand the whole time?
    We’ll be looking for you on the TV broadcast! Have fun!

      1. Geoff, are you close to Orange Grove and Colorado or else where on the parade route? If you give me an idea exactly where you will be, I probably could provide you with some suggestions. They have bleachers all along the parade route. It is easier to get in & out of the area if you are south of Colorado Blvd. If you are north of Colorado, people leave the parade & head to the Rose Bowl. Having lived in the Pasadena area for 40 yrs, I know the area very well.

          1. Stay off the freeways close to the parade route. I think if I was coming from Orange Co, I would take the Santa Ana Fwy (5), get off on the San Gabriel River Fwy (605). When you get to the San Bernardino Fwy (10), get off going towards Los Angeles. At that point, pick a turn off, depending upon where you’ll be parking. The exits would start at Rosemead Blvd, San Gabriel Blvd, Del Mar Ave, New Ave (avoid this exit), Garfield Ave, Atlantic Ave, and Fremont Ave. If you are parking close to Colorado Blvd & Orange Grove, the last exit is the best. They shut down Colorado Blvd, so you can’t cross it starting around midnight. The most important thing, don’t drink a lot of liquids, because bathrooms are hard to find, probably like in NYC.

  2. Sounds great. Have fun. I’ll watch on TV and hunker down for 5-8 inches of snow predicted for Thursday. Yuk. I miss you most during snowstorms but grumble at you for your 70 degrees. Happy NewYear

  3. AHHHHH the Rose Parade…been on my Bucket List before I knew there were bucket lists…as A child in the 50’s we’d always watch “The Parade” and I would long to see it in person…each year the floats get more fantastic…..I keep saying “someday”…I envy you and Helene….and the stowaway….can hardly wait to hear about you experience….have fun for all of us…

  4. Awesome! Have fun! I went to the NYC TDay parade once and had a great time. I was a “have to do at least once” event. Once was enough but I had fun!
    Someday maybe I’ll get to the Rose Parade – haven’t watched it in years though!

  5. I went a few years ago. The best part was seeing them put the floats together in the days before the parade. Watching the parade was awesome in person. Next time I go, I want to volunteer to help on the floats.

  6. It’s not Iffy going there around midnight and finding a spot to hunker down with. I went both years that I was out there–set down blankets and sleeping bags–got maybe 3 hours sleep–along with a thousand others.Brought a thermos of hot drinks and snacks. Carried very little money with us. I agree with Carole—restrooms are the iffy part, although as I recall, there were stations along the route.
    This is entirely different from the Macy’s Parade. While the balloons are great, the flower covered floats will blow your mind. Going to the park after the parade and being able to see the floats up close is also a great experience. If I ever did go back, I too, would like to watch or volunteer to work on the floats–many of the same people volunteer each year.
    I don’t like bringing a dog to a parade because the sound of the bands and drums and sometimes shot guns are painful to their ears and they are often quite frightened. Make sure you have a lead on him, just incase he bolts. Have a great time. And Happy New Year to you all.

    1. Barb, the first year I took my husband to the Rose Parade, he consumed several cups of coffee before left. All of a sudden he announced he needed to find a toilet. After we walked a couple of blocks, we found a row of them, but there was also a long line. The next year when we went, he avoided all beverages before leaving for the parade. I attempted to warn him the first time, but he ignored my recommendations. LOL

      Hopefully Geoff & Helaine had a great time. I’m looking forward to hear what he has to say about the parade.

  7. Just thought of something else–re:Doppler–In light of the Boston incident, many places are checking back packs. If D is found, they may turn you away. It would be too warm to leave D in the car, and you might not be able to get out of the parking lot. He would be much better at home, with some music playing. Also, if anyone is afraid of, or allergic to —-you may get kicked off the bleachers. I hope you take time to think this one through. Sorry if I am a worrier—just want you all to have a great time.

  8. In the early 60’s it was permitted to sit and mark your spot, 12 hours in advance on Colorado Blvd. A bunch of us, 2 years in a row, marked it out, slept over night on and off, bundled, going for hot chocolate across the street – often. It was an event, much like going to 42nd street etc.. Some people don’t understand it, others do… just another thing lost. Thanks…
    Enjoy CA . I envy you…. like Wolf Larson and Mr Alexander…

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