Is It Ever Not Perfect Out?


I’m not going to lie. It’s January 14th. It’s sunny. It’s 87&#176!

Are you kidding me? We’ve already blown through the forecast high.

I have one of my office windows open. There’s a cool breeze. No need for a/c.

It doesn’t seem logical. 87&#176 and a cool breeze simultaneously.

This is where the dew point comes in, it’s 4&#176. The relative humidity is 4%. Exceptionally dry.

The dry breeze evaporates moisture on your skin, which cools you and makes this temperature very comfortable.

Yes, this weather is unusual. 81&#176 was today’s record at John Wayne Airport. It’s been smashed.

There are serious implications from our dry weather. Most of California is already water challenged. And, of course, fire danger is high at a time of year fire season should be done.

BuzzFeed’s home page currently has an entry titled: “19 Questions New Yorkers Ask When Visiting Los Angeles” Number 18: Is it ever not perfect out?

So far, no.

4 thoughts on “Is It Ever Not Perfect Out?”

  1. After so many years of cold, ice, and snow, including five Minnesota winters, I was positively giddy during my first dose of ‘winter’ in Dallas. It’s been close to five years and the novelty hasn’t faded yet. I hope it doesn’t for you, either.

  2. We will be landing in Ontario next Tuesday !!! Can’t wait. One week of Ahhhhhhh!! Going to the Grand National Roadster Show at the Fairplex in Pomona. Laura – Wallingford

    1. Laura, the Ontario Airport is probably 10 miles from Fairplex Park in Pomona. I use to go to the LA County Fair there in September. Never missed attending the fair. They have a huge parking lot, so make certain you jot down where you are parked. Have fun! I wonder if the Roadster Show will be in the parking lot or where they have horse racing?

  3. Nice day today. I hope we’re headed for a stretch of nice weather here. Hope you don’t get bored with the weather out west.

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