Flowers Are Blooming In Irvine

IMG_20140127_131757-w1400-h1400Here it is the end of January and I’ve just realized flowers are blooming in Irvine. There are a half dozen small gardenia bushes next to the patio. Last week they began popping pink and white.

We haven’t had rain in a very long time. Authorities say there’s no need for restrictions… yet. I water two minutes every other day. It works.

There are buds on my scrawny plum tree. It can’t be far behind.

I took out my phone to shoot a few pics while taking a walk through the neighborhood yesterday. More flowers up. These I didn’t recognize.

The first is a grass–I guess. Small, delicate white flowers on top. The leaves have black dots inside.

The second is a bush with a red bloom. Helaine was curious to reach out and touch one. “Soft,” she said.

If you know the name for either, let me know.

It’s all different. Everything I know about plants and vegetables no longer counts.

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