I Feel Your Pain — Still


“I love the four seasons,” said no one in the Northeast today. The weather sucks!

There’s already six inches to a foot on-the-ground in Connecticut.

With rain/sleet/freezing rain and then a turn back to snow, the pack will be wet, heavy and tough to clear.

I just traded texts with my niece Melissa in Milwaukee. She and husband Mark are supposed to fly Southwest to New York City tomorrow. Good luck.

New York City’s new mayor is in snow denial mode. Another attempt to blame the weatherman. It’s bipartisan. Everybody does it!

The mayor and Al Roker battled it out on Twitter this morning. Winter will do that to you. Everyone gets testy.

Southwest hasn’t cancelled flights for tomorrow yet. They will!

Will Melissa’s plane even make it to Milwaukee tonight so it’s available for a 6:05 AM departure? Will the crew have enough rest hours? How crazy will our nation’s air traffic system be?

I’m not sure what to do on a day like today? It’s 75&#176 and partly cloudy at John Wayne Airport. Out my window, totally blue skies. Should I just keep my mouth shut and hide?

I totally understand what folks in the Northeast are going through. It might seem like I’m rubbing it in. I’m not. My dues are paid-in-full.

Usually by mid-February, winter had gotten the best of me. And yet I knew there was more snow to come. There was nothing to do but grin and bear it and plan my escape.

More snow Saturday. Post photos. That’s as close as I’m getting.

14 thoughts on “I Feel Your Pain — Still”

  1. I can understand the “keeping your mouth shut” issue Geoff – lol.

    My job allows me to be mobile whatever portion of the year I choose. I normally try to be somewhere between Charleston, SC and Ft. Lauderdale for several weeks in Dec/Jan/Feb. I’m off to St. Augustine, FL for the rest of February. The forecast for north Florida is sunny and in the 70’s all next week. When I tell friends and family in the Tri-State area I’ll be down there for any length of time, they often seem a bit testy – lol.

    Still, there looks to be some hope – next week the pattern will warm in the East and parts of the Tri-State area could see 45 to 50 F highs.

  2. My husband & I were discussing the problems that GA experienced last week and the Carolinas yesterday. He said those people don’t know how to drive when it is snowing & ice on the road. I told him I’m just like those people, having spent most of my life in So. California. There you see snow in the mountains, but never at your front door. The last time it snowed in Los Angeles was back in 1949.

  3. Today was first time I heard my wife say maybe we should move to southren Calif when we retire. This south makes anyone want to move away.

  4. Carole:

    While accumulating snow is very rare in southern CA….snow itself is not all that rare. As recent as December 2008 there was light snow in the Malibu area – I know because I was on vacation and it was very cold (in the 30’s F) and snowing lightly. It didn’t amount to much, just flurries.

    Malibu snow:

    I don’t mind the snow, but this winter has been pretty bad. I’d like to get on a plane bound for Key West this weekend – lol!

    1. JC, It snows in the foothills of So. California every few years. If it is bad enough, they won’t let you drive on the roads unless you have chains on your tires or snow tires on your car. Most of the population of So. Calif doesn’t reside in these areas. I lived in either LA or Orange Counties for close to 50 yrs. I could drive around the most of these counties without a GPS. Now that I’m residing in a place that snows, I refuse to get behind the wheel. If I had job where I had to drive to work, I would have been fired by now for not showing up. Good thing I obtained a job where I could work at home. Geoff fox actually helped me get the job. Only a few more years and I’ll be back in California, but not in So. CA. To much traffic.

  5. So loving the Connecticut winter weather as long as I don’t have to drive in it! Lightning, thunder, sleet and snow is expected tonight. I’ll put on my flood lights and cancel plans for tomorrow morning. The last storm was absolutely beautiful , not so beautiful this time. Love it more when I am inside looking out.

  6. I’m here in CT. I’ve had it with this brutal cold winter!! That artic blast that came down from Canada was WAY too cold! Former Gov. Rowland talks regularly about people moving out of CT on his radio show. I’m moving to Arizona or Florida because I can’t do another winter here!

  7. I live in Western CT–just below I-84—we got about 10-12 inches Thursday morning—ended by 3PM. Myself and my neighbors (3 of us) had 2 driveways shoveled out by 4-4:30. Would have used the snowblower, but that gets testy with the wind blowing it either back in your face, or opposite of where you are trying to throw it. We had the quiet period, and then got some thunder and lightning aroun 9PM—as of 2:30 AM—we have no additional snow—and only had rain til about 11PM. At present, it does not seem to be freezing, as my icycles are still dripping. I guess that the kids will have school in this area, tomorrow, with probably a 2hr delay. They say it will be sunny and warm up some during the day, then more snow on Sat. The big concern now is –are we going to need to shovel off the roofs again this year—I used to drive all the time when I was working—as a visiting nurse. Didn’t like it, but hey–it was my job. Snow tires worked well, for the most part. Now, the car I have has only the All weather—and I hate driving in the snow. Makes me almost wish I had chains to put on—but couldn’t get down that low to get them on, anyhow. Actually, these past few years are more like the winters I remember as a kid—when there were less people and far less cars. Usually only the wage earner had a car–not one for each kid, etc.. The rest of us walked–to the store, school, etc. Towns are set up that way now a days, and we all need cars . I remember sitting on snow piles watching our highschool football game on Thanksgiving—and I also remember having snow on some early Easters. I can’t change the weather—so no use getting upset over it.

  8. I would prefer not to drive in it and, thankfully, Gov. Malloy said state employees could stay home yesterday and arrive late today. As I am a skier, I don’t mind snow. I would prefer to avoid the snow to rain transition, but that is the price I pay for living near the Sound.

  9. I think we should remember that while heavy snow/severe winters might be more common in the Mt. West/Midwest/Great Lakes/New England….this is not the case from the Tri-State area (NYC/NJ/CT) southward. Places like NYC, New Haven, Trenton, Atlantic City….etc have had a much worse winter than normal.

    The good news is (looking at more data this morning)….the truly cold air in the northern USA is just about over, and maybe for the rest of winter too. The warm temps will surge across the southern Plains in the coming days, and those same areas in the interior upper south that saw light snow/ice (like Atlanta, Charlotte, ect) will have highs in the 60’s F by Tuesday. By the end of next week that warm air will make it to the Ohio Valley and Tri-State/Mid Atlantic…so everywhere from NYC/CT south should see highs near 50 F by late next week. Early March looks much closer to normal in much of the USA – so for places like NYC/New Haven, CT that means highs should be getting close to 50 F. I really think winter is done for much of the USA, except for the far northern areas (upper Midwest/northern Lakes/upper New England).

  10. Due to a schedule change I was able to stay home Thursday and enjoy the snow from the safety of my apartment. For once.
    Friday was shovelling all day. For those who get tired of digging out a car or two; try digging out 15 cars….by hand! That was MY day.
    And after 12 hours of digging and driving I came home to find someone had shovelled snow from my neighbors parking spaces into MINE leaving a 5×8 foot pile of frozen crud where I normally park my car. I fired off an angry email to my landlord then spent another hour plus digging out a space for my car.
    NOT a happy camper.

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