Oatmeal: It’s What’s For Breakfast

IMAG0745-w1200-h1200I live an odd schedule. It’s ten of two. I’m on the patio. I’m having breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal has been invited.

I have oatmeal for breakfast every day. Helaine usually prepares it. She’s out today. She left an oatmeal kit. Like so many guys, my kitchen skills are limited.

No one eats oatmeal for the taste. Neutral. I sprinkle a little Splenda on. Passable.

I do enjoy the texture. Good oatmeal has loads of texture. It feels best when slow cooked.

Oatmeal maintains heat for a long time. Walk away from oatmeal for ten or fifteen minutes, its still piping hot. I am baffled by this ability.

IMAG0746-w1200-h1200Oatmeal sticks to everything! The pot must begin soaking with hot water as soon as the oatmeal is served. When dry, oatmeal could easily be mistaken for cement.

I don’t want to think about what it sticks to inside me.

If my twenty year old metabolism decides to reappear I can switch to bagels. Until then it’s oatmeal, my top choice.

11 thoughts on “Oatmeal: It’s What’s For Breakfast”

  1. I don’t let my husband cook if I can help it. Otherwise my pans will inevitably be scorched or burned so bad, it takes days of soaking and scrubbing to be returned to normal, not to mention what the food ends up tasting like………

  2. Try dried cranberries on that bowl of oats. Or you can chop up a small apple and put in with the water and then cook your oatmeal like usual. I’ve heard of people that crack open an egg on the bowl of oats cover it and leave it sit for a few mins., I’ve never done this myself so I don’t know if it is good.

  3. Love oatmeal,,any kind of fruit really makes it,apple/cinnamon,peaches,strawberries,blueberries,,even some sort of jelly or preserves..unless you are watching your sugar intake, maple or brown sugar is good too! :)I add a little milk or cream when I make it but I use the instant..probably not the best type.

  4. I use regular quick oats,water and a smidge of salt–cook it 2min in microwave. Add 1/2-1tsp real butter, sliced banana and 1/2 &1/2 or lt cream—It is the only way to go (for me). I know it isn’t ‘heart healthy’–but its not my daily meal. Usually only enjoy it in the winter. A bit of cinnamon is good too, or use honey inst. of sugar.
    1-2 PM breakfasts are my norm too–now that I am fully retired. Supper is usually around 7 PM. But then I am up typing in someone’s blog at 1AM!
    My husband wouldn’t touch oatmeal, unless I made cookies from it. Said he always had the image of a skeleton with globs of oatmeal hanging off the ribs!! Was told as a child,too many times, that oatmeal is the breakfast that will “stick to your ribs”!

  5. Oatmeal is the perfect blank canvas for other stuff. And I eat it every day too, trying to find new ways to jazz it up. Almond butter. Peanut butter and jelly. Siracha. Soy sauce and some sautéed onions. Ricotta cheese and diced fruit. Avocado. And the key to adding an egg is to whisk an egg in a bowl, then add when oatmeal is almost done cooking. It adds a light texture and doesn’t taste eggy. It boost the protein.
    I also add flaxseed to my oatmeal, vanilla and cinnamon. Try adding cocoa powder! Adds another layer of healthy stuff.

  6. I love oatmeal. I add some brown sugar, peanut butter and chopped walnuts – keeps me going until lunch.

    But Geoff, soak that pan in COLD water – it won’t turn to concrete.

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