David Letterman Is Retiring

David Letterman autographed photoSome presents are meant to be remembered. While we were dating, Helaine got me an autographed photo of David Letterman. This was at the beginning of the morning show era. He was my hero.

What a caring gift. Thank you again, baby.

David Letterman has done some of the funniest off-the-wall material seen on TV. Not recently.

Since the heart attack? Since his affair? Since the birth of Harry? At some point his TV spark went away.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d see him tomorrow. I’m still a huge fan. He is not doing his best work today.

letterman-ticketWith Leno gone and Jimmy Fallon very strong out of the gate, it’s time. He said so a few nights ago.

So, who? The NY Post says CBS likes Colbert.

Are they talking the character he currently plays or legit Stephen Colbert? Is either a good choice? With the real Stephen, you risk fans who might not like his actual persona as much as his alter ego and feel cheated.

I like Jon Stewart a lot. That choice would make me happy and I think he could be a force.

letterman-studioHoward Stern is a good choice too. He’s intellectually curious and a great interviewer. Does he play close to the line a little too often for CBS? Maybe.

Stern had major public battles with Les Moonves who runs the network and its attendant empire. It got very nasty.

Does money trump personal animosity? Here? In SoCal? In show biz? Survey says, yes!

CBS needs to hit a home run. Late night is fabulously profitable in an era of pinched bottom lines. They will suffer greatly without the revenue Letterman brought.

This will be interesting to watch. Dave said his run ends in 2015.

8 thoughts on “David Letterman Is Retiring”

  1. Geoff, are you going to watch Letterman tonight. Billy Crystal is on the show.
    Jay Leno leaves, now Letterman will be saying goodbye. The person I would like to see is Rick Sanchez as host of The Late Show.
    How did your darling wife get a signed photograph of Letterman? Would like to read the entire story.

  2. Eventually, all good things come to and end & I believe late night talkshows too. Yes, there’s a current little glimmer of hope for NBC & ABC too. But, eventually, that glimmer will die out and then what? Social media IS the showpiece and showtime in people’s lives these days AND that will never flicker off stage. Yes, I think Letterman WAS funny expecially his on the street in taxi cab stuff – but that died & so too did his one liners now. If the Olympics could not get the ratings it wanted then how the heck will any of the late night talkshows fair? What I predict is a slew of Judge Judy & the like that will be temps only UNTIL the sets can again be changed repeatedly and as a tax write off as well. Remember how the soaps died? This too shall goe that way of ONE WAY only signs of our times.

    1. A lot of shows that were popular in the 50’s & 60’s, are returning to channels like AntennaTV, CoziTV, MeTv, Hallmark & TV Land. What goes around, comes around. Did you watch varies segments on TCM channel, they showed Johnny Carson with different guests. They are just as funny today as they were when they were first aired. You never know, Soaps may return. As I am writing this note, I am watching “I Love Lucy”. I may have seen each of her shows 50 times over the years, but I still enjoy them. Facebook book, along with other social media websites will come & go too. People are really fickle. What is hot today, is old news before long. The latest concern with millions of people is the fact that Microsoft will no longer support XP after 4/8/14.

  3. I was never a big Letterman fan. I used to like his ‘Top Ten’ lists but his humor had a really mean side to it I didn’t like. I always liked Leno better. Miles better.
    I’m not watching Fallon. Saw his show once and it was so stupidly immature it really turned me off.
    Don’t really care who takes over for Letterman.

    1. I adored watching Carson. Because I had to get up early to go to work, I would come home from job, take a nap, so I could stay up late. I recorded the last show on VCR tape & I still have it.

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