It’s Like A Cesspool

Years ago I used to get a lot of porn spam. No more ‘college girls with webcams.’. Not profitable anymore? It’s just gone.

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My spam mailbox is open. Good grief! It’s like a cesspool.

My account, serviced by Google, only saves the last thirty days of spam–8,517 pieces at the moment. is a spam magnet! It’s been listed prominently on the blog and earlier websites for close to twenty years so all the spammers have it.

I get the usual ‘advance fee’ scams.

I am Richard Wong a staff of one of highly reputable financial institution (HSBC) here in Manchester, United Kingdom, and I am the head of operation.

He says it’s highly reputable! It must be so.

Spammers are quite concerned about my sexual health.

Me..P_E_N_I_S _ E..N L_A R_G..E_M-E_N..T_–..P I_L L_S.

Nearly half my spam email is Chinese. That’s weird. Why would they want me? There’s also a smattering with Cyrillic characters–probably Russian.

Google has flagged another email as Czech. It’s gotta be tough sending spam in less well represented languages… not that I’m feeling sympathy for the spammers.

From July into August I got thousands of separate emails for a weight loss scheme. Most went to addresses like The return address and subject changed from day-to-day, but they were obviously from one source.

Years ago I used to get a lot of porn spam. No more ‘college girls with webcams.’. Not profitable anymore? It’s just gone.

The amount of spam sent is crazy. Because of the Internet’s naive beginnings there’s very little that can be done to stop messages from going out. And, for spammers, sending millions of messages is cheap.

The best that can be done is to keep them from being delivered to the end user. Storage space lost and bandwidth wasted is just collateral damage.

I need to wash my hands.

2 thoughts on “It’s Like A Cesspool”

  1. It is the constant battle between the spammers and those trying to fight the spammers. You build one filter to stop a spammer and the next one in line tries to pokes holes in it. Never ending battle.

  2. I get all that junk (not the word I want to use)on my acct. It comes through as regular e-mail. So, before I read anything, I have to scan through and delete half or 3/4 of what came in. That’s why I like att., but with att., because I have an older computer and can’t update a lot of stuff, I don’t get a lot of good stuff that folks send me—so one can’t win.

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