A SoCal Story

lassie-and-timmyI went to pick up some Chinese food a little while ago. It’s a small place in a nearby shopping center. As is often the case here, there a a few restaurants clustered together and outdoor seating available.

I walked out and toward an older couple with a beautiful collie. As we were about to pass I turned to them and said, “You don’t need me to tell you this, but you have a beautiful dog.”

With that Shimba walked toward me.

He was tall and beautifully proportioned. His coat was silky. He looked like the dog on the dog food can! He looked like Lassie.

As I rubbed and petted him, his owners told me they’d only had him a few months. He’s retired. He was Lassie at Universal!

Seriously, only in SoCal.

The photo above is an artist’s conception of our meeting.

2 thoughts on “A SoCal Story”

  1. Geoff, Would never have happened in Cheshire,CT.
    Whatever happened to Timmy believe that’s him
    in picture? And also did you hear about the
    earthquake in Deep River, CT last night?

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