My Favorite Don Pardo Video

I think this Live at Five intro best exemplifies who Don Pardo was and why he was so damned cool.

pardoWord has just come down, Don Pardo has passed away. He was the announcer on Saturday Night Live since day one.

I’ve known his voice and face since I was a little kid. He worked on the NBC network and also Channel 4. In the fifties and sixties he was on my TV all the time.

I think this Live at Five intro best exemplifies who Don Pardo was and why he was so damned cool.

End of an era. Last of the staff announcers. Gone.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Don Pardo Video”

  1. Sorry to hear this -he was the best. I grew up hearing him on NY TV all the time too, though I don’t remember ever seeing him. He did lots of game shows, I remember.

  2. jeez, the male anchor brought me right to the movie “Anchorman”. is that actual back and forth between Al Roker and him or is that guy just a dick? lol

  3. Don Pardo was a great announcer and a gentleman. In the late 1970’s I was walking from the corporate headquarters of Alexander’s Dept Stores (of blessed memory) in NYC after tendering my resignation. My next job was a chance for me to move home to Woodmont and begin a new career at Caldor (also of blessed memory). I was walking thru Rockefeller Center and I decided to stop at NBC. There was a long line and I asked what was happening. I was told that it was the line to see Jeopardy. I had plenty of time so I waited. About 10 minutes later I saw Don Imus walk by as his show on WEnnnn BC had just ended. Our line began to move and moments late I was in the studio with the others. The host, Art Fleming, was wandering through the studio introducing himself to the audience. Then to my surprise, Don Pardo sat next to me and it was quite a moment for me to attach an entire person to his always excellent voice. We introduced ourselves to each other. The game began and I was asking the questions to the answers given sort of under my
    breath. Don Pardo asked if would like to
    be a contestant! I told him that I’d love to but I was starting a new job the following Monday. Pardo said that the show would call my boss. I thanked him but I couldn’t not NOT show up on my first day!! Pardo and Art Fleming were seriously pushing me to do the show but I couldn’t! I went on to have a great career at Caldor despite the fact that I couldn’t appear on Jeopardy! Don Pardo, not only was a great announcer but a very nice gentleman.

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