How I Scared All My Facebook Friends

Greetings from the suburbs north of Milwaukee.  No trip is ever 100%.

Our flight was due at mke around 11:50 PM.  Budget’s rental counter closes at 12:30.  No problem we thought.   Even when our flight was slightly delayed, the scheduled arrival was 12:10.

Something changed as we flew.  No one told us. 

As midnight approached Helaine started wondering why we hadn’t begun our descent?   She realized we might be stuck in Milwaukee after midnight without a vehicle.

A Budget agent in Milwaukee told Helaine to call if we were going to be late.  A lot of help that would do now!   Phone calls are the only thing you can’t do while flying.

I tried reaching my niece and a few friends.  Nothing.  I placed a message on my Facebook wall.

By this time my niece had responded.  I forgot to call my Facebook friends off.  All they saw was this:

Need a favor.  Can anyone make call for me  N? Ow

I was rushed.  Scrambling.   My Facebook friends who saw it thought we were being hijacked!

Oops.  Sorry.  It was not my intent.

We’re here.  Lots of family.  More later.

The WiFi on board was shut off before landing.   We were on the ground scrambling .   I forgot about the message on Facebook!

3 thoughts on “How I Scared All My Facebook Friends”

  1. Your FB friends are always here for you. After all, have you forgotten that you visited our homes every night for years, you’re like family! We’re just glad that you and Helaine are fine. Have a wonderful visit….and an uneventful flight back. 🙂

  2. Geoff,

    Most onboard airborne wifi connections are disabled automatically when the aircraft is below 10,000′. There is no pilot control of this feature. This happens to ensure there is no spurious interference to the airplane’s navigation capability, particularly when the aircraft is maneuvering for landing.

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