Our whirlwind trip to Milwaukee comes to a close tomorrow morning.  We’ll be on the only non-stop to LAX.

The trip is a success.  We saw all my family!   Every one.

My mom is in better shape than I anticipated.  That’s not good shape,  but it will do.

Charlotte is adorable.   At three months she sleeps a lot.  I wish I saw her more.

My legacy niece and nephew were here yesterday.  They’re cute and sweet.  Buying ‘snowballs’  (Helaine’s idea)  was a stroke of genius.  We had an indoor snowball fight yesterday with the whole family.

It’s good to see Stef with her cousins.  They’ve always lived far apart.

Being here reminded me of the cold weather we’ll miss in SoCal.  Saturday was showery and chilly.  Chilly today too.   Fifties day and thirties at night!   I wore a jacket a TV station in Connecticut gave me.

Being on the road means keeping track of chargers and charging.   The phone,  tablet or external battery tube all needed nourishment.   This tablet,  when recharged,  should take me to the Pacific with juice to spare.

Photos and more to come tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Briefly”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time with family. Hope mom keeps improving,will keep her in my prayers. On another note can you recommend a tablet other than iPad just would like your opinion on a good one. Thanks enjoy your flight home

  2. Hopefully next visit she’ll be awake a bit more… And maybe you can stay for longer! We loved having you guys (as always). Please, please come back soon. Xo

  3. Glad to hear your Mom is doing better. Also glad that, even as whirlwind as it was, you did get to see family.
    Thoughts and prayers continue for your mom and family.

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