Behind The Scenes: Video Editing

I like behind-the-scenes views. You too? vlcsnap-2014-10-17-22h53m17s246

I’ve been working on a 30’ish second promo for My computer is set up so I can record the screen. Here’s what video editing looks like. Each horizontal row represents a separate piece of video or audio.


4 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Video Editing”

  1. Thanks Geoff
    I had to watch that over and over and enjoyed seeing the parts of the puzzle come together. I am currently working in iMovie doing small projects for my church and I am enjoying it very much. Perhaps I’ll graduate to Adobe Premiere soon! Thanks for the lesson!

      1. Thanks Geoff, I am on a Mac and will have to check out Final Cut Pro. And you’re right, its a creative process and I enjoy trying different effects – without going crazy. I’m hoping the church will eventually invest in a professional video camera so I can really go at it! Someday! Thanks again Geoff.

        1. Patti – It’s never the equipment. You could shoot and edit a great video entirely on your phone! 99% of the problems will be solved with generous tripod use. Image stabilization helps a little, but it still looks unnatural. Unless you’re in the MTV Church you need steadiness.

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