The Six Hour Dog

My friend Farrell, international man of mystery, is about to leave for another overseas assignment. He has lived on four continents. Dinner is in order.

Which brings us to Doppler.

IMAG1591[1]-w1200-h1200Having a dog is a responsibility. As with all responsibilities there are sacrifices you make. We can’t be away too long.

We’ve flirted with six hours. Doppler was dancing by the time we got home. She ran to the lawn.

Six hours is enough time to run to LA and back for a quick bite. Not enough time to dawdle.

I told Farrell we’d drive anywhere if we could bring Doppler. Now we will.

He knows this little Italian place on the west side with a patio and dog friendly policy. It should be around 70° when we sit down. They have heat lamps for later.

SoCal is mainly dog friendly. We saw that right away.

I’m not sure how much Doppler really appreciates it.

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