Thinking Of My Mom And Dad


As much as our thoughts have been with my mom these past few days, I’ve also spent a boatload of time thinking about my dad.

As best he could, he was my mom’s primary caregiver the past few years. That’s a significant challenge for a man who neither sees nor hears well. My mom’s needs were quickly growing past his abilities.

He knew it. We all knew it.

These things happen gradually. No one can tell you exactly when it’s gone too far. Early last week he hired an aide. More personal assistance.

My mom’s physical well being had become the family’s focus. There were difficult choices and decisions made and the prospect of more to come.

It’s not that there was anything wrong with my mom’s health as much as there was nothing right with it.

My hope is my father will now become more active. He’s turning 89 later this week.

We have invited him to visit here in SoCal. It just wasn’t possible with my mom. Stairs. I so wish she could have come.

Our attention now is on the small army assembling in Florida. Stef, Helaine and me, my sister, brother-in-law, and grown kids, my Uncle Murray and Cousins Judy, Gary, Barry and Gail.

A few people from my parents old condo called to offer help in setting up lunch at the clubhouse. I spoke to David who runs the cafe. He’s done this before–many times.

For us, a very brief five thousandish mile trip. We leave midday Tuesday. We are home late Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Thinking Of My Mom And Dad”

  1. Geoff,
    My deep condolences on the loss of Betty/Mom. Having lost my own Mom, your former weatherwatcher Vera from Cheshire, about 2 1/2 years ago, all I can say is that I understand the depth of loss. May you have the strength to care for yourself and your family, especially your Dad, during this difficult time.

  2. No one should have to know the pain of losing a parent. I speak from experience. When my mom died I felt like a terrified child lost in a store, hearing people calling her name and letting her know I was here waiting.. But ,she never came back for me?! My oldest daughter Marcia is a carbon copy of her, the same profile, facial and vocal expressions, likes and dislikes, temperment, a tiny beauty with a will of iron that speaks her mind… My Mom.. Who did come back for me.. In my precious Marcia.
    So if you feel lost and afraid like I did Geoff, take a closer look at your beloved sister, and priceless beautiful daughter…it’s your mom. She came back for you..Too XO

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