The Guy I Work With, Reviewed In The Times

zoom bob berman book coverI host our webcasts. Usually I work alongside (metaphorically–he’s near Woodstock, NY) Bob Berman, Slooh’s staff astronomer.

Bob’s written a bunch of books, making science more approachable. His latest, Zoom: How Everything Moves, From Atoms and Galaxies to Blizzards and Bees, was reviewed this morning in the NY Times.

Although I like to think I’m well-informed about the history of science and current cosmological theory, I learned a number of new things here, and they were conveyed with the fluent immediacy of a writer skilled at boiling complicated concepts down into easily understandable sentences served straight. – Michael Benson NY Times

It wasn’t a good review, it was a rave!

Congratulations Bob. That’s quite an achievement.

My copy is in the mail, due from Amazon this afternoon.

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