Not The Worst Storm–The Worst Time

Travel on Wednesday will be demanding. Air travel will present its own special hell.

Model Analyses and Guidance

I continue to look at the numbers for Wednesday’s storm in the Northeast. Not the worst, but certainly at the worst time. Wednesday. Day before Thanksgiving. You get it.

By this time all the TV mets should be saying the same thing. The guidance is straightforward and consistent.

The exact numbers don’t matter. There will be enough to plow inland. On the shoreline slushier.

Rain then snow in DC before dawn. By sunrise I-95 will be wet from Ft. Lauderdale to Fort Lee!

In Connecticut the action begins in the morning. Schools and businesses might have to make decisions before there’s anything falling.

The snow (and mixed precipitation on the shore) will continue until around midnight before tapering to snow showers and flurries.

Travel on Wednesday will be demanding. Air travel will present its own special hell.

Our spare bedroom is available.

6 thoughts on “Not The Worst Storm–The Worst Time”

  1. Sorry to say, but based on the snowfall forecasts moving further and further west with each forecast – I smell a busted forecast once again for any real snow from the NYC /CT/NJ area south to the Middle Atlantic. It was in the 60’s and 70’s between VA and Connecticut yesterday, and is heading for 60 F today in places like NYC, New Haven, Washington, ect, even if you ignore the fact the upper air will be too warm for snow along the I -95 corridor, how is snow going to stick to the ground when the ground was 60 F 24 hours ago- lol?

    The wind will be coming right off the warm Atlantic in cities like Washington, NYC, Trenton, , and ocean temps are in the 50’s F . Add in that REALLY warm air will be coming in in the winds back out of the south(it was near 80 F in places like Savannah and Wilmington yesterday), and it will be hard pressed to snow, let alone stick from Connecticut south through Virginia.

    I think it is once again “weather hype”, the East Coast from the Gold Coast of south Florida to Boston, is the biggest media market in the World – and they will try to get ratings any way they can! The fuss the media makes out of a wet inch of snow in NYC or Washington must make be who live in the real north or snow belts like Buffalo, or out West in the MTS laugh at us on the East Coast south of Boston!

  2. The forecast still predicts snow but I’m looking at the temperature range and thinking it’s going to be too warm to accumulate much. That could actually be a bigger problem because snow wouldn’t be as much of a travel hazard as an icy mess.

  3. Looks like its all rain now on the East Coast in the coastal areas – no winter warnings at all from Long Island south by the National Weather Servive. The snow forecast is holding on for dear life west of I-95 as of right now.

  4. Turned out pretty much as I expected. Some snow, more rain. My clothes got soaked through at work and I got a bad chill.
    Thanks National Weather Service!

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