My Dad’s Gone Viral

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My father has become a viral sensation. Over 300,000 YouTube views with multiples of that on sites that have outright stolen the video.

I have received multiple inquiries to sell the rights.

The comments have been positive by-and-large. It’s the Internet. Someone finds fault with everything.

The funny thing is, I knew this was going to be great before the red light came on. It was his last night in Irvine. I asked if he wanted to go to Rita’s for custard. The answer was yes, but he made it clear any excuse to get out was OK by him.

We took our cones outside to eat, which reminded him of a joke. He started to tell it, but before he finished the first sentence I said, “Stop!”

Out came my phone. He restarted from the top. My father’s been telling me jokes since I was a baby. This one I’d never heard.

It works on so many different levels. My dad is adorable and at 89 demonstrates his mental acumen. He tells a dirty joke, but without one dirty word. And, in the end, he makes it totally acceptable.

Here’s the best part. My father is LOVING this. He loves the notoriety. Good for him. He deserves it.

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