Just In Case You Want To Watch

kmir news logoMy first day on KMIR was Thursday. I purposely kept the streaming link to myself. Who knew how the first shows would go? Now that I’ve eased in, feel free to peep.

My newscasts are Monday-Friday 5,6, 9 and 11p pst. That corresponds to 8,9, midnight and 2a est. All our newscasts can be found here.

If you have friends or relatives near Palm Springs, tell them to watch. I’m paid by the viewer!

10 thoughts on “Just In Case You Want To Watch”

  1. Well, I got it on Livestream but so glad to have this info directly from you! So glad to see you still have your “funny bone” in place! Just so you may keep track, here is one more viewer you can count on from CT.

    Hey, can you work in a CT forecast for us?

    Seriously, we are really happy to see you are back!

  2. hi, Geoff -I found one of the Thursday night forecasts on the website – it was great! I was glad you even managed to work in New England (just as the destination for some weather passing over you) but it was nice to see. But the ocean is on the wrong side!

  3. My friends live in L A,and San Clemente—don’t know how far your station reaches.
    Just glald to see you back in action—this will give me more impetus to update my Explorer, etc.
    So, once again, Helaine is a M-F ‘widow’—must be a long drive for you.At least she won’t have to clear snow and ice, etc. while you are away. You will enjoy your weekends more now, maybe.
    I don’t see any direct route from Irving to the desert.

  4. Hi, Geoff,
    I just watched you on live stream doing the Monday 5 p.m. newscast. Yes, the old Geoff is back and you seem like a happy camper. Good luck and I will be watching. Count me toward your total of viewers you get paid for.
    West Hartford, Conn.

  5. Just watched one of your broadcasts – I was hoping those temperatures were for here in Connecticut. Maybe in 6 months! Great to see you back on the air – just wish it was here. Good luck!

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