The Very Long Day

“No problem,” I said… lying through my teeth. All of a sudden sleep had become a logistics problem.

hotel bed

For those just joining us, I’m in Palm Springs (actually Palm Desert) working here while I await the final piece of gear for my home studio. I had an early call today for promos–10:00 AM.

I know. 10:00 AM doesn’t sound bad. Remember, I usually don’t go to bed until 4:00 AM.

I did my lines in Downtown Palm Springs, then headed to the hotel for a little more rest.

I was back at the TV station at 2:30 PM for our early shows. My boss and bosses boss were waiting. That’s never good.

Soumada, our morning weather person, has taken ill. Could I be in Friday for the news at 5:00AM? “No problem,” I said… lying through my teeth.

All of a sudden sleep had become a logistics problem. Our news ended at 6:30 pm. I headed back to the hotel to try and nap again.

Is it possible to store sleep before it’s needed? That’s what I’m attempting. Fool’s errand, right?

After the 11:00 PM newscast I’ll head back for one more nap. My alarm is already set for 3:30 AM so I can be in by 4:00 AM. And, of course, I’ll be here until 11:35 PM tomorrow.

I guess I really won’t feel it until my drive home Friday night. More naps to come.

3 thoughts on “The Very Long Day”

  1. A drive through the desert sounds like fun. I once drove from Tucson to San Diego and there were many interesting (and strange) sights. You are likely not taking I-8 though if you are heading back to the LA area.

    In the weather news back in the Tri-State area – a nice winter so far: Only 5.1 inches of snow at NWS Bridgeport (even less where I live along the southeast Connecticut coast, maybe 2 inches). So basically December and most of January were snowless. A weekend a storm will graze the mid Atlantic and then hit Boston/New England harder. In the I-95 areas of NYC/NJ/CT it looks to only be a wet mix with small amounts, maybe 1 to 3 inches. There is no cold high pressure to the north, and the system will be moving fast, so hopefully there will be just a few slushy inches.

    The good thing now that we are about to cross into Feb, is that sun is getting higher and higher (and stronger) every day. So the snow will not last long even if it does fall. Spring seems like it’s getting closer.

  2. Geoff,

    I feel your pain……in my business as you well know, I frequently work many sides of the clock and it’s quite easy to get one’s circadian rhythm out of whack. The logistics of getting one’s sleep is always a challenge. Strategically taken “naps” are always a good solution. I’ve found that it is just not possible to “store” those helpful naps however. Sleep whenever you get the opportunity.

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