If I Was In Connecticut

If I was in Connecticut tonight I’d be going a little crazy about Monday. It looks to be a big storm, but the distance between big storm and miss isn’t very much!

School superintendents will make the call before the first flakes fall. That’s a decision best left until the very last second.

It’s likely the snow won’t start until late morning or afternoon. Just a few inches by going home time. By then it will be falling faster than plows can keep up.

This snow will feature gusty northeast winds over the later stages of its 24 hours over the state.

A footish. On the high side of a moderate New England snowstorm.

You won’t get exactly twelve inches, but the effect will be as if you did. Eight or ten hours after the storm you’ll be good to go.

Connecticut will be beautiful, but tough to deal with.

10 thoughts on “If I Was In Connecticut”

  1. When’s the best time to head to Bradley from New Haven? I have a Wed. 5:45am flight (which will be cancelled, I’m sure) and want to beat the snow getting up there. Would rather sit in an airport hotel than down here, just in case, but am not sure when I need to get out to avoid the nasty roads. Any advice greatly appreciated!

  2. Geoff, you are totally right, it really will be a close call.

    I’m in New Haven, as of right now, places as close as Albany are forecasted to get 2 to 3 inches, yet places on Long Island and southern Connecticut, Northeast NJ are forecasted to get 10 inches and places up in Mass near Boston could see 2 feet!.

    The strange thing is what a nice winter it has been so far, at least in the NYC/New Haven area. Only snowed twice, with less than 3 inches each time. After the light snow on Friday, the sun is out today, and the grass is already showing in some areas. I hope this storm heads out to sea. The only saving grace is that the sun is getting stronger so the snow will not last long.

  3. Geoff,

    Great heads up!!
    You were the first to notify me (and your other loyal fans) of the impending blizzard!
    The Weather Channel was next followed by WTNH!! Their notice arrived at about 9:30 am!
    My grandchildren were asking me when the next Blizzard would get here and I had to tell them the truth. There are times that I could make a semi educated guess, other times you and last was the Weather Channel. It appeared that the Weather Channel was next followed by Ch 8! Thanks for keeping in touch with those of us who really care! Just last nite I was showing my grandaughter done rickety old videos that I took during Hurricane Gloria!
    Best regards!!

  4. Wife has to go to work around 9 PM gets off in early morning.. Looking at 395 corridor between Jewett City and Salem…??? Heavy? This is Monday Night..
    Stay Home?

  5. Right now, the Mayor of NY, at 4:00pm EST is on tv announcing the emergency preparation plan for the impending storm. They are being very proactive in alerting the public about the potential of this storm. They are very concerned about the strong winds (estimated at 65 mph) associated with this storm along with the snowfall. The mayor is categorizing this storm as one of the top 10 if not the worst storm in NYC history. The estimated snowfall 24″-36″ of snow. Looks like it could get very ugly around here!

  6. This afternoon I received a recording from CL&P that we may loose power, and if you need electricity for well water, or refrigerated meds, you should make plans to maybe move to another location. Also, not to drive over any downed wires. They are ready for some big stuff.

  7. It’s all about money UNLIKE when I was growing up in Wilton, CT and by the way – MAYBE – we had a few days of NO SCHOOL days during the year – ONE – because weather was NORMAL back then & #2 buses had chains & threat of lawsuits if someone was slightly injured = NON EXISTENT. Today NOBODY WINS!!!

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