Now I’m The IT Guy

snapshot_000DC5D4C863_20150221162928When I started my studio project I had no idea I’d become “the IT guy.” Everything is digital. Nothing is analog… except me.

The good news is I like this stuff, but this is way deeper in than I’ve ever been. I’ve got servers and a bunch of other single purpose computers, like my switcher and the modem that allows me to send HD video over the Internet.

Nearly every device is sharing with every other device. Files need to be available no matter where I am or they are.

I poked holes in my firewall and forwarded ports to allow the outside world to communicate directly with some of my gear. It’s not without danger. Miscreants are robotically probing for weaknesses in systems like mine 24/7.

In the analog days video and audio were like water flowing through pipes. You could cut the pipe at any point and split it or meter it.

Not today.

The flow is more orderly and intensely complex. Data doesn’t flow, it’s routed. As you might imagine, 1080i video consumes lots of data. Every hour my studio is feeding it sends around 5Gb of data.

Packets are flying through my network at breakneck speed, but it’s still the bottleneck of my system… of most complex networks. Optimization is everything. I’m working with vendors’ experts who know their systems to tweak every last bit of performance.

This isn’t a never ending project, is it?

5 thoughts on “Now I’m The IT Guy”

  1. Sounds fascinating! Gee, with that set up you could be our favorite CT weatherman again….while still living in sunny California!!! 🙂

  2. With all this data transfer and the need to be “live”, can you share the speed you pay for and the actual up and down speeds you see? What is the bare minimum you need to make this work?

    1. I have 25/150 service and get slightly faster speeds. The standard HD mode uses 5Mbps up. I am using the HD+ mode which is 10Mbps up, of which 8.2Mbps is dedicated to the actual audio/video and the rest housekeeping chores.

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