What I Got Wrong About Weather From My Home Studio

IMAG2555Helaine came down to my studio last night at 2:30 AM. She was wondering why I hadn’t come upstairs to change out of my suit. I was working on maps and a few tech modifications.

Nothing major. I was motivated, so I stayed and did it.

If I was working at ‘work’ I’d have thought about it in the car. It would have been done today… maybe.

IMAG2557With the studio at home and everything close at hand I find myself doing bits and pieces of job related chores when it’s convenient. As my Facebook friends know, that’s often while I’m still in PJs.

That was the case at 1:30 this afternoon when I started prepping a few maps for tonight.

Being at home certainly cuts down on commute time, but I’m not working fewer hours. I got this part of telecommuting from my home studio wrong. No complaints. It works better this way.

2 thoughts on “What I Got Wrong About Weather From My Home Studio”

  1. Geoff,

    I worked home for 17 years, and I agree with your comments totally. The late hours were when my best thinking was done!

    Good luck,

  2. I work from home now from my office in Westbrook (Connecticut). Agree there are many things that are MUCH better like no commute and less disruptions. However, there is that goof-off monster always close by. Yesterday I kept looking at my temp gauge in my home office and watched the sun blink off the ocean. The temp climbed into the 70’s F by noon. By 1:30 I was on the deck and was in my shorts and was done for the day -LOL. I just sat there and baked in the sun looking at the boats in Long Island Sound.

    Some the temptations are there when your home…

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