Happy Birthday Roxie


Roxie is Stef’s dachshund. Today is Roxie’s birthday. She’s six.

Roxie is Doppler’s opposite. Roxie is active and involved. She needs to know what’s going on.

IMG_8781Doppler doesn’t know what to do with dog toys. Roxie’s perfected ripping them to shreds.

Roxie makes it 100% clear when she likes you. She is incredibly affectionate. She’s a snuggler.

She understands how our family works. She’s a team player.

IMG_8724We have a rule. If one dog gets a treat, they both get treats.

It’s fun to quietly come back in the house with Doppler, silently grab a treat from the cabinet and wait to hear Roxie’s mass hit the floor from the upstairs sofa. For treats she can move very close to the speed-of-light.

Roxie is our favorite house guest. Sorry all other house guests.

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  1. Geoff

    You used to frequently post, on your blog, about the Phillies, Eagles and poker playing. Any update?

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