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I’m currently doing just what I don’t want to be doing — restoring my control room computer. It has been an arduous day in the studio.

Overnight my server updated its software. Nothing incredibly unusual there. In doing so it stopped syncing files with my TriCaster control room. Maps were no longer flying automatically from one to the other.

As I worked through that problem the TriCaster became slower and slower. Maybe the now-dead server program had left a gift behind?

TriCaster’s manufacturer says “treat it like an appliance.” What they mean is don’t install extra apps. Sometimes that’s impossible. Maps need to be ingested on a regular basis.

I can manually move files until the server problem is corrected. The new found sloth-like nature of the TriCaster is another story. That’s got to go and right away.

NewTek, maker of the TriCaster was wise enough to separate the system from the data. Restoring will bring me back to Day One, but my maps will remain intact. It’s a repair that shouldn’t be done between shows.

None of my troubles were seen at home, though I was limping along. It was scary, but everything performed on-air as designed.

The restoration is now complete. It took less than fifteen minutes.

The synchronization software has been re-installed too. It’s working.

I am the meteorologist and the chief engineer. Fixing stuff is my job.

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