Brunch With The Cuzzes

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We went to brunch this morning. Helaine and I were invited out by Cousins Michael, Melissa and Max. I didn’t realize this was birthday related until it was too late.

IMAG3008We ate at The Cannery in Newport Beach. It’s a really cute place, right on-the-water. People boat right up. We drove.

Helaine and I had the “CRÈME BRULEE FRENCH TOAST.”

I don’t know exactly why Helaine ordered hers, but this seemed to me the most decadent choice possible. YOLO.

It was great!

Weird problem. They have cleverly shaped coffee cups that fit into their saucers. The coffee cooled really quickly. We all noticed. There’s something thermodynamically quirky in this arrangement.

WMCA_good_guys_sweatshirt_1962Buying gifts for someone is an impossible task. The Cousin Foxes tried nonetheless. A WMCA Good Guys sweatshirt is on-the-way. That is an exceptionally cool, clever and thoughtful find. Wow.

I drove home with the top down and the radio blasting. It was a California day. I feel at home as a Californian.


2 thoughts on “Brunch With The Cuzzes”

  1. Geoff you mean you never felt that way driving with
    the top down and music blaring home from any shoreline location
    in Connecticut?

  2. I have to agree with barb…I had a East Coast top down today lol…it was sunny, 90 F…and the radio blasted from the other Newport, Newport, Rhode Island to New Haven. It was a great East Coast beach day!

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