My Studio’s Final Piece

pipo xs7

I am in full tracking mode. My package has made it from Indiana to Kentucky. It’s resting down the freeway in Ontario. It comes Friday. It’s a PIPO XS7.

Yeah, I’ll explain.

I’d like to make my studio available for hire. That means finishing the job on my teleprompter. It needs a computer. The XS7 is the tiny computer which will be dedicated to this task.

The XS7 has roughly the same power as a high end cell phone or tablet. I don’t claim to understand, but someone (probably Intel) has created an SoC (service system-on-a-chip) that makes these things easy and cheap to make. A bunch of companies have similar boxes at the same price.

Its CPU is an Intel 3736F quad core. There’s also an HD GPU on the board. It can stream high-def content… though not in my use.

No fan. Totally quiet. It draws about 20 watts.

You can choose to boot into either Windows 8.1 or Android. The prompter software that came with the hardware is Windows. Choice made.

From a historical perspective this is amazing. There’s a lot of power in a modest package.

The PC world is changing again. Technology is cheaper than ever. It’s a tool to be harnessed.

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