The Techno Deep End


I was just involved in a discussion about codecs. I have truly fallen into the techno deep end.

We’re gearing up for Nebraska. It’s safe to say we’ll be on as soon as we’re ready… and that’s soon.

At the moment I’m in the midst of doing things that only need to be done once–never again. Adobe Premiere is converting background animations into 300 still file collections. It’s a slow process, but allows my TriCaster to make believe it’s more powerful than it is!

After the conversion, looping animations will play without using one of my two video players. It’s a big deal, trust me.

Every time I try something new I learn more about what this box can do for me.

Next up, preparing forecast page fonts offline. The TriCaster can do it. I just have no idea how, yet.

One thought on “The Techno Deep End”

  1. GEOFF……THE ONLY THING WE IN CONN. WANT IS FOR YOU TO GIVE US AN ACCURATE FORECAST!!!!! FIND A BOX THAT WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN AND YOU WILL HAVE MADE “ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN (THE “A” STILL IN QUESTION) ONE LARGE STEP FOR MANKIND” OR IN OUR CASE “CONNECTICUT KIND” !!!!! Since YOU LEFT US the weather forecasting has been kindergarten level at best!!! (Except for Gil….he has been great} There are hundreds of thousands of Conn. folks that will agree with me. FIND THE RIGHT ELECTRONIC BOX AND COME BACK TO US!!!! P.S Most of the folks who might read this have no idea about the “steps” comment!!! Just we OLD GUYS know that we landed a man on the Moon….It was not done in a Hollywood Studio as some claim!!!

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