The Magic Is The Music

magic fm103Forty years ago in Philly, Julian Breen launched a new type of FM radio station. WMGK was the first to call itself “Magic.” It was successful playing a steady diet of light, melodic pop.

I worked down the hall at Magic’s oldies brother, WPEN. I watched it all.

This afternoon I got an email from my friend Jon Wolfert in Dallas. Jon was the creative guy behind Magic’s iconic jingles from JAM Productions.

Here’s his salute to Magic’s fortieth anniversary.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Is The Music”

  1. Geoff as a radio “geek” I really appreciated that great collection of FM radio identifiers! But due to my uber geekiness I was a big AM geek as well!! As a Northeasten U student in the 1960’s my roommates and I were WBZ fans and to this day we are all beholden to BZ for their great coverage of JFK’s assassination. How it connects?!?!? The memories and they refuse to leave……

    You’re dad looks great and you are so fortunate to have him. May his recovery continue and I wish him the very best! I lost my dad when he was just 58. He never met my 3 daughters…..

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