They Get A Lot Of Weather

Screenshot-2015-09-09-02.34It’s 3:00 AM in SoCal.  I’m upstairs at my desk.  There’s a call coming at 4:00 AM from Nebraska.  I’m doing a radio interview.

Alas, I’m not yet on-the-air.  Our maiden voyage awaits and there are still a few bugs to be ironed out.  


I’ve already started forecasting for Northeast Nebraska, our first market.  In Palm Springs you look for weather nuances.  In Nebraska it’s 100% US certified in-your-face weather.

They get a lot of weather in Nebraska.

The Great Plains get wicked storms in three of the four seasons.  Autumn is reasonably quiet.  The storms come from all directions.  They hurt people.

I’ve been scouting out the forecasting tools I’ll need.  More time will be spent with data from the Storm Prediction Center.  I’ve already programmed OFK into Bufkit and added Madison County to my FEMA text alerts.

All the data that’s needed is free online.  Sometimes it seems there’s too much of it.

Sunny today, rainy tonight, cloudy tomorrow.  I’m not used to that much variety.

I’m excited for the challenge.

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