Cold Update

Colds are squirrely things. This one’s abandoned my throat and moved to my nose. I can no longer safely be more than a few steps from a tissue.

You can be sick in so many worse says, yet a cold is its own special hell.

This was another multi-nap day. I might have broken a record.

A cold saps your strength uniformly. Weaker physically. Weaker mentally. I even had trouble concentrating on football, like the Giants).

Another four days, I figure. There’s no hurrying a cold.

Where will it go next? My chest? Is there phlegm in my future?

Colds suck.

2 thoughts on “Cold Update”

  1. We still miss you here in Connecticut. Ch.8 has had a number of weather people since you have left. and non of them are as good or as much fun as you.

  2. Geoff… Hope you feel better. I know where your coming from I’m prone to sinusitis and bronchitis almost every spring/fall. Had a bad one this past spring that almost went chronic on me again. As I’m sure your mom always told you drink lots of fluids… Take Mucinex D it helps tremendously and rest as you’ve been doing. Miss you here in CT haven’t watched WTNH not FOXCT as I don’t get it on Cablevision but wouldn’t anyway. Forecasts aren’t the same. Keep up the good work there though!

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