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I spoke to my dad and sister today. This was a good day for my father with excellent news.

As it stands now, my father still needs the TAVR procedure, which means he needs another scan with dye inserted into his bloodstream. The dye used is tough on kidneys. My father’s kidneys are already compromised.

Today’s check shows his kidneys have snapped back enough since the last procedure to greenlight the TAVR. This word came from the nephrologist, with the cardiac surgeon weighing in next week.

We all feel the TAVR is his only real chance to survive and thrive! It’s scary, but worth the risk. My dad’s not done having his fun just yet.

My cold takes back seat to this. Duh!

Still, after five days it’s just about gone. A little throat soreness and chest congestion persist, but I’m definitely getting better in a hurry.

I’m much more excited for my dad.

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  1. Good news Geoff! It’s tough when our parents get old and we worry so. I, too, have lost my mother but my father is still kicking at 87. Yes, he has a lot of health issues and he increases our stress by doing things like signing himself out of ICU. (Yes, he did) Your Dad’s a tough coot too and I wish him the best. Keep us posted! And yes, glad your cold is clearing up; wish I could say the same for my allergies. I’m one of those people who look forward to a deep frost! 😉

  2. Jeff-
    Your dad and family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Having a positive attitude and a caring family will certainly help as he recuperates.
    73, Mike Tucker, W1MCT

  3. Awesome news Geoff!!! I am sure he will have great results , he is one tough cookie. Sounds like this cold is also on the “outs”! Good news all around!

  4. GREAT NEWS GEOFF!!!! You and Trudy must be so happy 🙂
    Your Dad is a stitch! I adore him and I’ve never met him but from your videos.
    God bless you all. Huggs and kisses for Mr. Fox. ♡♡♡♡

  5. Geoff terrific news about your Dad!!!! He is such an endearing gentleman and
    His smile lights up our screens be they phone, tablet or laptop size!!!!!! Best
    wishes for all of this to bring him to being healthy and well for many many more
    years to come!!!!!!!!

  6. That is very good news about your dad, Geoff. And I’m glad to hear your just about over your cold as well. Matt from Oakville, CT

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