I Swear This Is True

This evening Helaine told me of her plans to go out Friday.

I stopped to tell her it was a bad idea. Friday would be rainy with thunderstorms.

Then I realized, that’s Nebraska. Seriously, I did.

I am juggling two very different places right now. Palm Springs is in the desert surrounded by mountains on three sides. Norfolk is in the wide open plains where weather changes are frequent and often radical.

I never forecast for where I live. What’s outside is sometimes a minor surprise. It has to be kept out of mind. Too confusing.

2 thoughts on “I Swear This Is True”

  1. Hi Geoff, I’m sure Helaine could handle a rain storm my concern is the threat of an impending tsunami from the earthquake that happened in Chile. Can you educate us on how that will affect California and Hawaii?

  2. That seriously made me LOL. You just might be the only weatherman in the world for whom looking out the window is a seriously bad idea!! 🙂

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