This Is Why It Was Worth The Risk

12143160_1082540901757508_1562447662200917763_nMy sister broke into tears when she saw my dad this morning.

He woke up early, but realized no one at his place knew he was back from the hospital. An aid stops by to help him get his socks and shoes on. He decided to try himself.

It has been years since he could put his shoes and socks on without losing breath… until today!

Trudi cried when my dad pointed to his feet.

There’s more.

He walked to the mailbox near the front entrance, then through the parking lot all the way to the street. He’s never done this before. No heavy breathing. No exhaustion.

His legs hurt a little because his muscles are weak. They will get stronger.

He was jazzed. I can’t remember hearing him this excited about the direction of his life.

He can physically feel the difference from the TAVR procedure. This is exactly the outcoming we hoped for.

If everything goes well he’ll visit us in December. We look forward to our daily walks around the neighborhood.

“I’ll tire you out,” he added.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

22 thoughts on “This Is Why It Was Worth The Risk”

  1. Such wonderful news Geoff!!!!!! Prayers are answered and this wonderful man
    has a whole wonderful new beginning to his life!!!!!!! Hope he knows how many
    of us have been praying for just this to happen!!!!!!!

  2. That is such wonderful news – he’s a new man! Thanks so much for sharing his and your story with us. You’re both so blessed!

  3. Fantastic !! My husband had a valve replacement 13 years ago, he had rheumatic fever has a child which caused damage. He was like a new person after surgery. Of course he had the bigger surgery. So glad your dad is doing so well. When do we start getting his jokes. Lol lol

  4. What great news. Remember he was part of that great generation who worked hard, was military and I can guarantee he’ll be back up to speed in no time!,,❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Great news, and he looks really good in the picture. Yes, his strength will come back quickly if he goes at it gently and gradually. Steady small increases in exercise and endurance and his muscles will come back–and yeah, he’ll probably wear you out if he gets a chance.. Love that smile!

    Wonderful news!!

  6. Bless you all… treasure each moment and enjoy the heck out of each other. I know what this kind of result must mean to you all. Jill

  7. Geoff, how exciting how well your Dad is doing! I’m placing bets on Harold to wear you out on your walks in Dec. He’s doing so well now I can imagine how much stronger he is going to be in a couple of months! You may need running shoes to keep up with him. I am so happy for him. Love to you Harold, YOU ROCK ♥

  8. Geoff….My little posts over the years have confirmed to me AND HUNDRED’s OF THOUSANDS, if not (whatever the next BIG number is!!!) WHAT YOU and YOUR FAMILY mean to us in Conn!!!! DAD COULD NOT LOOK BETTER…..

    HIS FAMILY and all the amazing doctors and technology have given the WHOLE FAMILY MANY….MANY….MORE YEARS FOR ALL OF US TOGETHER!!!!!

    JUST DO YOUR GARAGE MAGIC so we can tune in back here WHERE YOU & YOUR FAMILY BELONG…..An OLD GUY who speaks for SOOO MANY back here in CONN!!!!

  9. Bravo!! What wonderful news!! Bless his attitude, bless his medical team, bless his family and all the hundreds of well wishers!! How could all that not have a positive result? So happy to hear he’s doing so well.

  10. Dear Geoff, thank you for sharing your story of your Dad. My Mom will more than likely need the TAVR sometime in the next year or two or three, we are hoping for it to be a ways out but we don’t know. She is 85 and we would not want her to have to have open heart surgery. But she is healthy aside from her aortic valve stenosis. I’m so thrilled to hear the TAVR was a success for your Dad!! I would love to talk with you about it sometime if you are open to it, as I’m so worried all the time. Thanks,Kathryn

  11. Geoff,
    I am so happy for your dad and you and family. It is so amazing what the new medical technology they have today. Your father looks so good and his smile shows it. Prayers still coming to your father, you and your family

    Sheena (Waterbury,Ct)

  12. Many prayers answered—he looks great and HAPPY! I’ll bet he’s saying—“I should of had it done years ago.” But then, we wouldn’t have had this wonderful new procedure. He is the 2nd person who I’ve heard of in the past month to have had this procedure and done well. The pictures that you put out there may give others the courage to have it done. After therapy he’ll outrun both you and Doppler (oops–wrong dog name!).

  13. I look at it both two ways….and they are both positive:

    I have an elderly father as well (86)… and I know that managing their health issues is often a situation where the small steps are as important as the bigger ones. You father looks well considering what he had done/and his age. As I get older myself, I really think there are certain individuals that just fight off the aging process, disease, trauma…etc. better the average. Your dad seems like one of those individuals. 90 for him might be like 76 for you or I – lol. I think he will surprise you and your family with his abilities in the coming months/years.

    The other side of it….is modern medical science in America today: Yes, it might have its flaws and financial stress…but modern medicine has helped us live a much fuller and less painful lives than the hundreds of generations before us: Imagine your dad’s outcome and comfort level with the same issues in 1890, 1790, or in Middle Age Europe? Those people were someone’s father, mother, or child too – they had to watch their loved one endure health issues with the little help that modern medicine could offer at that time. We are blessed to have to tools available to us today that people even 100 years ago would think is pure fantasy. For all our flaws…you can’t help but be proud of how far we humans have advanced our life.

  14. Geoff-
    So glad to hear. May he enjoy many more birthdays! He certainly looks good. I only hope that I look as good when I’m his age!

    73, Mike Tucker, W1MCT

  15. I can’t imagine a better outcome than this one. How wonderful for your dad, you and the rest of our family.
    As a CT resident (miss your forecasts), I check in every once in a while just to see what you have written. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a number of years and well before you moved. Lately, I have been having a look-see more often because of the situation with your father’s health.
    This news calls for a heartfelt mazel tov!

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