Shoe Shopping With Geoff


Over the years my family has quietly come to the conclusion I’m not a good shopper. What would make them think that?

Stef decided I need new sneakers. She, Helaine and I headed to Orange where the outlets live. Roxie and Doppler stayed behind to guard the house.

IMAG3244Many malls here, like these outlets, are open air. No roofs.

We headed to Nike first. Exactly how many styles of sneaker are necessary? Whatever the number, Nike doesn’t feel they’ve reached it.

Footwear is a mature product. How many breakthroughs are left in 2015?

IMAG3242S & H asked me to try a red pair on. We all agreed. No way! Worth the try. Back in the box.

A kid came by and began playing with a large, heavy, metal, foot measuring tool. I played with those as a kid too. They haven’t changed. He was fascinated by it, as I was.

Off Broadway was next. All these stores are purposely spartan. You’ve got to sell the outlet story.

IMAG3246Next up, Nordstrom Rack.

“You’ve never been,” asked Stef? It was the same tone you might use to ask, “You don’t bathe?”

Today I could not describe one item in that store — except for my shoes. They’re blue with broad, soft laces I hope will stay tied.


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  1. Too Funny!….The red ones were a little frightening, I must say… My hubs hates to shop for shoes as well. Now…my daughter and I look like rabid dogs in the shoe store…Its a gender thing! (My love to your Dad!! 😀 )

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